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NeuroSense Psychological Services, PLLC

Dr. Gabrielle Stutman, Clinical Psychologist, Director

Offices conveniently located in New York

Near NYU in Manhattan  (212) 254-7390 

Ardsley in Westchester County (914) 693-5045

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Neuropsych Exams- Adults
Neuropsych Exams -Children
Forensic Evaluations
...Immigration Issues
...Fitness for Duty
...Personal Injury
...Child Custody Evaluations
Cognitive Remediation
Executive Counseling
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What We Do

     Dr. Gabrielle Stutman and our other licensed psychologists provide the following services for children and adults of all ages.



Business Related Services:

     We specialize in helping patients, their physicians, their attorneys, and their remediation specialists by diagnosing neuropsychological problems and assisting with treatments.  Neuropsychological and personality information are combined to understand the whole person.  We are proud of our high quality services, consistency, communication, and sensible help.


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